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25 February 2016
Epsom Salts
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Float your way to Health
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High-Tech Floatation

Epsom Salt Treatments

“In the latest models of tanks, we use a saturated solution of Epsom salts (MgSO4+7H2O) at a solution density of 1.30 grams per cubic centimeter. It was discovered that this density of solution allows one to float supine and have the whole body at or near the surface of the liquid. One’s hands float, one’s arms, legs, and feet float and, most important, one’s head floats. We have found that even the thinnest person with the least amount of fat floats in this way in the tank. With these simplifications of the technique it has turned out that we have devised a method of attaining the deepest rest that we have ever experienced.” (Dr. John C. Lilly)

Epsom salt is Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4 + 7H2O) and is a vital part of a rehabilitation program. Researchers in nutrition, through controlled experimentation, have found that Magnesium Sulfate accelerates the body’s healing time by one-third. As an example, if an injury requires three weeks to heal under normal or standard conditions, it would only require two weeks to heal if Magnesium Sulfate is added to the diet as a nutrition.

Internally, it is used for irregularity and constipation and will promote a bowel movement within 1/2 to 6 hours if the instructions are followed correctly. Externally, it is used for soaking minor sprains (ligaments), strains (tendons), and bruises (as in muscles).

You can apply Epsom salts in two ways externally:

  • Towel Soaking: By placing 2 cups (16 oz.) of Epsom salts in one gallon of water, mix well, and soak a towel or bandage. Next, apply the towel to the involved region or area for 30 minutes, 3 times daily.
  • Bath Tub Soaking: By placing 2 cups (16 oz.) in a bath tub of hot water. The water temperature should be as hot as you can tolerate but comfortable for 15 to 20 minutes. You can use 2 to 4 times this amount if your body conditions warrant it. You do not want to burn yourself. You want to rub your skin all over with a wash cloth to open up the pores for absorption of the Epsom salts. If some areas are sore, rub them a little longer. If you are treating an injury you should rub both the area of the involved site on one extremity and the same area on the other extremity (bilateral stimulation reflex). In rubbing both extremities you yield a little extra stimulation to the injured site. Do not rinse off before getting out of the bath tub. Just dry off and retire for the evening.

Epsom salt baths are taken routinely, just before going to bed, the night before a major competitive event or race. It also helps with combating jet lag. The bath will allow a more productive and restful sleep as well as produce an energy-charging-up effect on your body for the next days’ performance. Epsom salt and water are very therapeutic and help to prevent problems as well as help to solve them. If needed, the Epsom salt bath can be taken the night following the competitive event. If you are in doubt, take the bath. Do not rinse off following the bath, just dry off and go directly to bed. The following morning you should notice that you slept better. Also the aches, stiffness, tightness, soreness, and pains should have noticeably decreased and continue to decrease with normal movement and activities. This indicates that the body’s normal healing mechanisms are starting to be activated.

The problems that we have witnessed with these procedures are that they are so simple and easy to perform that often people forget to take them.

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